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Summer landscaping anchorage We still haven’t seen new sea ice at the Sargasso. Which isn’t much of a surprise. Much of the sea ice of the Arctic Ocean is melting as global temperatures rise. Unfortunately, if all that ice melts in a major summer, it won’t be missed by those who rely on it.,ssl=1,4040,215945,2,0,1,0,80,97.2042,12.8484%2C46.5016,122.7302&,resize=80%2C4040&,ssl=1&,w=250,ssl=1,4040,215945,2,0,1,0,80,97.2042,12.8484%2C46.5016,122.7302&,resize=80%2C4040&,ssl=1&,w=2502017-10-15T16:09:28Z2017-10-15T16:09:28Zi, does it make sense to cut any of the stands that we have on our land and plants? is it advisable to cultivate some of them, for our dear grandchildren? i’d really love to hear your thoughts


how do you not water in the arctic?

i’d also like to plant a large trees of walnuts, there are vast quantities left of these. would these be a suitable tree to plant at the caribbean salt estuary?


Even more of a bummer is that once your trees die, you get to eat the insects and bacteria. Most of the above ground plants also decompose, unless they are healthy forest trees. Even if they are short-lived trees, they add tons of oxygen to the atmosphere.


that is my next question, thanks!


You are correct that plants take carbon out of the atmosphere and oxygen back. That is why there are many high mountain peaks that still have snow and glaciers. That is also why forests are so important.

In future, we will see either CO2 or algae-based farming, or biochar production. The carbon dioxide we put into the air (using coal, oil, and natural gas) is out of our control. Our planet can manage only so much. It cannot store too much carbon. The algae-based farming is an entirely new concept, which uses high-energy, silicon-based fertilizers. The biochar production, which is based on corn, uses high-energy carbon from natural gas.

However, because of the weather and climate of the planet, we could not build large storages of coal, oil, or natural gas in any part of the planet. As a result, we would never have as much food as we do now. Even if we found new oil or gas deposits in the planet’s permafrost areas, the oil and gas are buried too deep for our present methods of drilling. Algae-based farming has been around for thousands of years, and it could provide an adequate food supply for all of humanity.

We will need to make some big changes if we ever hope to stop climate change, as well as help the people of the planet.


btw thanks for the answers!


You are welcome! We are all so sad about the warming. It does not have to happen! However, it has happened and we have to prepare for it.

We must move our carbon fertilization back into the ground. There are many new ideas that are being explored. We need to educate ourselves on these new concepts.

i’d like to also mention another problem that has occurred in our area is that we have black walnut tree stands in the areas where our children play. these trees grow very quickly and are sturdy. we also have a backyard where we grow some plants for our garden in pots. we’ve been told that the taller the tree the more carbon dioxide it produces. we are familiar with the walnut stands but we haven’t done any research on the other tree and if this is true or not. does anyone have any advice?


We are back in our home state in the USA and live on a mile of saltwater beach which does not have any grass but has some trees and shrubs, some of which are deciduous, including some maple, oak and hickory and quite a few walnut and pecan trees and others that appear to be pinyon pine, probably the fan palm that you refer to and a few others. Our trees that appear to be pine also produce long fallen leaves that are not being picked up, (almost like mulch) due to the beach winds. Are we nuts to not bother with mulching? Our neighbourhood has one other block of houses, one of which is very old (80 or older) with larger trees also. The property owner says that the reason for the trees is that they had the largest size lot.

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