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Hilly landscape of just past fields &, close by villages &, towns.

Have breakfast in hotel, see our family parked in the car in the supermarket and have a walk around the whole village with the children and enjoy a coffee or something sweet. Have lunch back in the car.

Spend the afternoon shopping in the market at Laguna or other sights in the area (Altamira,Puerto Marquina,Culebrillas etc), or have an ice-cream, buy a gift etc. Have supper back in the car at roadside bar with salads, bread, beans, ham, sardines etc and with warm drinks or soda, maybe a cocktail. Go out to the car to sleep, in the car - I know for some this would be an unbearable punishment, for some an adventure and for some it is fun. I hope the whole day is fun for all.

Morning walk back home, or have breakfast in the car and go home.

Arrival home: Lunch maybe in the car with salad and pizza or pasta or stir fry. Have coffee or coffe together in the car. Come home, open the garage with the car and if it is not dark you can go out for a drive. Take your shower, maybe use the hairdryer or not. Let the children play together if they want to. Come home to rest a while and make your dinner.

In the afternoon you might do more shopping (or pack) and you could prepare your cooking or just do it later. Clean the house, clean the kitchen or not, maybe do the laundry. Relax a bit.

After a good night's sleep you could have a light snack, a coffee or something before you go out to spend the day or night.

If you go out, have breakfast in the car and if you like more you could go to the market (or take a walk) and buy a few groceries like bread or you could go to a local bakery and buy a freshly baked bread. In the afternoon take a nice walk to eat your lunch with you on the beach or you could go shopping and buy some groceries or have a coffee or ice cream etc. when you come back home have your dinner, take a shower or take a bath and go to sleep.

Take a bath to go out or go to the garden to do the weeds. The afternoon could be a holiday for you and your family or you could buy some clothes or a new toy for the kids, or maybe even a new car. The kids could go to the playground in the morning if it is not too cold or snow. In the afternoon you could go to the park or the beach or maybe go back to the garden to cut more weeds if you don't feel like going out.

Or you could just go to the beach to swim or sunbathe, have a picnic on the beach or just enjoy the sun. In the evening you could eat in the restaurant or go to a restaurant and have a nice meal and also have some drinks (or coffee and dessert and cookies), enjoy good music and talk to your friends.

And when you come home, have a snack or something light, maybe a cuppa or a glass of wine and maybe you can watch a tv program or go to bed.

What you cook could be simple or you could do a gourmet meal. For me, if I cook a real gourmet meal, it means doing the preparation in advance, planning the whole menu, shopping, buying the ingredients, cooking, doing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen. I am a slow cook and most of the time cooking in the slow cooker or the pressure cooker. In the end it is a nice time to relax and enjoy the company of

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